Ein Lebenslauf- ein Erkenntnisprozess von EGO Leistungen zum WIR Prozess / A Curriculum Vita- a perspective from EGO achievements to We process

A CV of a refugee, 2016 in Germany


SA. 19. NOV. 2016, 10-17 Uhr

Workshopleitung: Susanne Bosch and Beatrice Catanzaro
Anmeldung bis zum 18.Nov. an susbosch@web.de
Anzahl der Teilnehmer_innen: max 20
Dauer: 7 h, inklusive 1 h Pause
Ablauf: siehe unten
Sprache: deutsch / english
Ort: ZUsammenKUNFT, Stresemannstraße 95-97, 10963 Berlin
Eintritt frei. Die Akademie der ZUsammenKUNFT wird gefördert aus Mitteln der Senatskanzlei für Kulturelle Angelegenheiten Berlin

This workshop intends to explore the format on the Curriculum Vitae (Curriculum of the I) as a standardized narrative of ones own life. A format that reinforces the illusion that the individual intentionality and action is actually forging ones own life in a linear and coherent way. Together we will dismantle this format, and let emerge the relational and emotional dimension of our professional endeavours, moving from the Curriculum of the I to the Curriculum of the WE, or Curriculum of the Multitude (Tony Negri).

We invite participants to bring their current CV.
A CV is a standardized selective format that gives the impression of a linear professional development, a tool that introduces you as the irresistible and suitable candidate. Like an art piece, a CV operates with imagination, in this case about a specific person.

The CV is a place of heroes, a place where you can act as the one and only
maker of your life, is a place of omissions and hopes, a place where the “I” is forging the narrative, selecting a sequence of moments in time that create the illusion of linearity and coherence.

But, what is the real dimension of this individual reality, of this narrative of the “I”? What set of relations really brought you to certain places and actions? What were your feelings? What taste stayed with you?

The participants will share a few lines of each other’s CV and mutually re-narrate the events in relation with a wider social, emotional and perceptive context, following a set of guidelines. Moving from the narrative of the I, we will re-adjust the CV to the narrative of the WE.

The participants will finally elaborate a performative restitution, departing from the new narratives that unfolded with the Curriculum of the WE.1

10 – 12 am
Curriculum of the I
Bring your curriculum. What do you want others to know about you?
A standardized, linear story of heroes,
In a team of 3, choose 1 to 3 elements out of each CV
Exercise: Reclaim your biography!
Each participant of the group of 3, will tell the story of one of the partner of the group, to the larger group.

12-2 pm
Group feed back on the narratives: each will tell the other story.
Create a narration about a person from this collective experience

3-4 pm
Curriculum of the WE
Exercise: Creating a collective performance around a joint Curriculum. Working with audio.

4-5 pm