Model project Haus der Statistik

The House of Statistics at Alexanderplatz, 40,000 m² of vacancy for 10 years. A blank space and a space of potential beyond comparison, yielding the possibility to create a place that connects the existing neighborhood with the plural urban community through real cooperation of the city’s society, politics and administration.

The Haus der Statistik area is being developed as a model project for the common good. Administrative uses, a new town hall for Mitte and integrated forms of living and working as well as space for art, culture and social affairs will be created.

In order to achieve this goal, an innovative and effective constellation of actors was formed between the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing, the district office Mitte, the state-owned companies WBM (Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Berlin-Mitte) and BIM (Berliner Immobilienmanagement) as well as ZKB (ZUsammenKUNFT Berlin eG).

With shared responsibility, we are realizing the development of Haus der Statistik for the common good. Collectively we ensure new cooperations and a variety of ways to get involved. Join in and get involved!