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Dollhouse For A Runaway Slave

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14. März | 19:00 22:00

The Postcolonial Dollhouse Art Exhibition is a Black Aesthetic exploration of identity, power dynamics, and cultural narratives, encapsulated within the intimate confines of the miniatures.  Step into this kaleidoscope of narratives, where recycled materials become conduits for profound storytelling, emphasizing the imperative to recognize and amplify the voices of those historically and presently underrepresented in the dialogue on sustainable building practices. The exhibition transcends the limitations of size, offering a macrocosmic reflection on issues such as decolonization, hybridity, and resistance. Through the lens of these dollhouses, viewers are invited to contemplate the intricate tapestry of postcolonial existence, where narratives intertwine and challenge established norms. The exhibition serves as both a visual feast and a platform for critical discourse, fostering a deeper understanding of the multifaceted dimensions of postcolonial identities and the ongoing quest for autonomy and cultural reclamation.


14. März
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