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Imagining Queer Bandung

24. Juni 2021 | 21:00 4. Juli 2021 | 0:00

“But what harm is in diversity, when there is unity in desire?” With this question, the Indonesian president Sukarno opened the 1955 Asian-African Conference in Bandung. Whilst being known as one of the earliest global alliances of people of color in non-alignment politics, these political acteurs solely represented the interests of their own nation-states at the cost of oppressing marginal queer and indigenous groups. Thus we see an absence of these perspectives in the linear and heteronormative historical narrative of anti-colonial struggles. The Screening program curated by Popo Fan, Ragil Huda and Sarnt Utamachote and taking place at the OPEN AIR of SINEMA TRANSTOPIA aims to draw a bridge between this “unity in desire” and LGBTQ+ social activism, decolonial knowledge, and cinematic imagination. How can we imagine alternative approaches in which queer bodies – across Asian, African, and Caribbean contexts – participate in, produce and reclaim these larger discourses for themselves, their communities, and their liberation, as neither national nor sexual objects?


24. Juni | 21:00
4. Juli | 0:00


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