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Mariupol, I love you. Berlin

2. Mai 2022 | 19:00 23:00

Solidarity and benefit event for the people of Mariupol, Ukraine organised by Platform TU (Mariupol) in cooperation with ZK/U Berlin (Center for Arts and Urbanistics) in the framework of CETKA project, supported by Takflix and Shum rave.

Guests: the team of art-platform Tu, Mariupol: Diana Berg, Vira Protskyh, Irina Berezneva, Yuta Korhun, Daria Zarovna (JmDasha)
The screening of short films, discussion, and DJ set is dedicated to raising awareness of the city of Mariupol. Russian troops surrounded the Ukrainian port city in the first days of the full-scale war and have been besieging it ever since. The city is now largely destroyed, many residential buildings are no longer habitable. These days, soldiers and civilians continue to hold out in the surrounded steelworks.
On May 2nd we take a look into the rich, diverse, and intercultural history of this city – which was mainly unknown to many Western Europeans before the beginning of the war. We dive into contemporary arts, various urban communities, and the industrial and cultural heritage. Films shown are directed by various Ukrainian and international filmmakers between 2016 and 2022: They tell stories of everyday life, dreams, relationships, and how they were influenced by the first phase of the war that began in 2014.
The participants of the discussion – the team of art-platform Tu (Mariupol), who managed to escape the besieged city and survived the blockade. You will be able to talk to real people who faced the atrocities of this war and russian genocide of Mariupol city.
All proceeds from the screening will be donated to Platform TU, a local Mariupol NGO, and independent cultural center. More information about them can be found here:
The screening is organized with Takflix – Ukrainian online cinema. Movies are in Ukrainian and Russian, English subtitles provided, from the „Mariupol, I love you“ collection:
The work in progress by Jens Schwarz „Letter to Jenna, Mariupol“ will also be shown.
19-00 – 20-30: film screening
20-30 – 22-00: discussion
22-00 – 23-00: Dj-set from JmDasha (Shum rave resident)
Karl-Marx-Allee 1
10178 Berlin