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Positioned Realities

4. März 2022 | 20:00 22:00

Plural conditions for change are knocking on our doors. How we position ourselves is instrumental to fostering other ways of being and sensing—away from a gaze that declares universality. While we actively embrace difference and the communal. Strategies to think of exits and alternatives beyond the modern/colonial order and its endless shortcomings.

Positioned Realities is a transnational assemblage of visual and spatial projects. Who operate within or between capital, class, race, gender and land—navigating through places, bodies and environmental dimensions. Reflecting, intervening, and delinking from dominant ideologies, frameworks, and continuities of western historical reality.

This program is grounded in collective knowledge, political engagement, and articulating self-representation, decoloniality, and narratives of resistance. Collaboratively, we are attempting to bridge gaps with other realities into one space: Haus der Statistik, to think about our interdependence for the times ahead.

Contributors: Carlos Sfeir, Jeanine Van Berkel, Jonathan Castro Alejos, Leo Maher, Melissa Berney, Michèle Boulogne, Negiste Yesside Johnson, Noa Jansma and The Privilege of Dreaming initiated by Luïza Luz.


** This project is made possible thanks to the support from The Embassy of The Netherlands in Berlin.


4. März 2022