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Refugee Week Berlin 2022

26. Juni | 17:00 21:00

Refugee Week is becoming a world-wide festival celebrating the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees and people seeking sanctuary. Held every year around World Refugee Day on the 20 June, Refugee Week is a growing global movement.

Refugee Week Berlin is part of the three-year programme Across Borders by Counterpoints Arts in the UK, Germany and Greece, in collaboration with local partners, developing arts and pop culture projects that help normalise and diversify representations of migrants and people seeking refuge.

Curated by Natasha Davis for Counterpoints Arts


Jamming with Colour with Prerna Rathi and Sofie Roehrig.

Using art as an entry point to access one’s intuition, emotions and subconscious beliefs, this workshop is a medium to express and communicate clear visions, concepts and ideas. Facilitated by visual stimulation with different materials, participants are encouraged and supported by the hosts in exploring their creativity.

The body is just as much a canvas for expression as paper. Traditional arts and crafts materials, as well as body paints, liners and glitter will be available. The art jam is an open space for people of all ages and skills to drop in, craft, and explore different colours and materials. In a playful and relaxing atmosphere, with music and good vibes, you can be as wild or as thoughtful as you wish.

Join the jam on your own or with your friends and connect with others while tapping into your creative energy.

Presented by People Beyond Borders and supported by Kiron.


Jamming with Sound with MigrantinnenVerein Berlin e.V. 

Join us for an eclectic choice of lively Turkish music with a dozen female Turkish musicians and singers of all ages connected to the Bundesverband der Migrantinnen, for an unforgettable mix of the contemporary and traditional, improvisation, a variety of instruments, as well as song and dance.

Bundesverband der Migrantinnen is an independent, non-partisan and democratic association of migrants of Turkish origin living in Germany, founded in Cologne in 2005 and currently represented nationwide with ten clubs and another 13 local groups. Members of the decisive nationwide committees of the German Women’s Council and DaMigra, with numerous partners in trade unions, politics and culture.

Since their foundation the Migrantinnen have been committed to a peaceful and solidary co-existence of people of different origins, and to equal and independent participation of migrant women in a society without discrimination or exclusion.

Women from different backgrounds come together: housewives, single parents, employees, workers, students, schoolgirls. What connects them all is collaborative spirit and the desire for better living conditions, for which they work together and make strong demands. Der MigrantinnenVerein Berlin e.V.


26. Juni
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