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Saskia Hebert „I’m the escalator“ & plan b „Together apart“

12. Juni 2020 | 19:30 22:30

Saskia Hebert is an architect and teaches transformation design at the HBK Braunschweig. Together with Matthias Lohmann she runs the office subsolar* architektur & stadtforschung in Berlin. For Stadterweitern she addresses the interdependence of built and lived spaces and talks about practices of living in a broad, but also expanding sense.

After a short intermission:
20.30 plan b „Together apart“ / Lecture Performance
plan b are the British artists Sophia New and Dan Belasco Rogers who have lived in Berlin since 2001. Over a decade ago they decided to record every single movement they make outside, every day, with a GPS, a practice they continue to the present. They present some thoughts and reflections on data, memory, daily practice, intimacy, physicality, distance and sharing space and time.

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12. Juni